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Variance reports will help identify issues with product loss.

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Import your Sales Data

In addition to needing an opening & closing count and purchase data, you must also import your Sales data.  To do this, you can either use the Usage Report Template provided on the Settings Help Page or manually enter your counts on the Item Detail screen.  The template is set up so it will only record sales for items if the items number and name matches, meaning you can have garbage data in between lines and it won't matter.

Setting Up a Variance Report

From the Variance Reports Setup screen, you can set a minimum variance level (i.e. if you set it to $25.00, items will not appear on the variance report unless they have a +/- $25.00 variance).  The Simple Report option will only show the amount & dollar variance of each item, whereas a detailed report will also show the starting & ending inventory, units sold & units purchased.

Viewing a Variance Report

After creating a new variance report (+) add items to the report using the i> button.  Once you type into the search field and the item appears, select it to get the checkmark showing it is now added to your list (tap again to remove).  If you clear the search bar, you can see which items are currently on your list and have the ability to go into their item detail to adjust units sold / units purchased (if you are doing this manually).

Once you have your wanted items on your variance report, swipe back and tap your new variance report.┬áIf the screen is empty your items on this list do not have a variance greater or less than your minimum variance.  If you do see items you will see the amount (+/-) and dollar (+/-) variance for each item, sorted by category.  If you tap the action arrow in the top right corner, it will display a simple or detailed variance report that can be emailed or open in a different app that supports .CSV files.

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