42 each - Order Form Setup
Choose as many or as few exporting options as you require

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If your vendor requires a different format, email me a request with the format you require

Shop By Store Format will export a file that can be opened in my Shopping App, Shop By Store (Lite version also available for free!), you can use this if you are going to a regular store to purchase the items yourself.
Cust # Export Format will export a text file that contains your Customer Number and each line is in the format "DTVendor#SplitOrderAmount", example DT1234567S05 where 1234567 is the Vendor Number, S is because it is to be ordered by the Inventory Unit instead of the Purchase Unit [split case] and 05 is the amount to be ordered.
CSV Export Format with Split or without, depending on if your vendor supports split cases.
Sort By Category if you want your order form to be sorted alphabetically by category group - this can make it easier to find your items on your order form.  If this option is turned off you can manually sort your order forms.
Attach Order .inv File if you want your order exported as an inventory count.  Use this if you want to import these totals into your inventory counts if you are using a rolling inventory system (example, you never zero out your inventory and just double check how much the app says you have on hand to what you actually have on hand).

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