42 each
Say goodbye to paper & go digital for inventory, ordering & prep!
Designed to make recording inventory, creating orders and completing prep lists quick, easy & efficient.
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42 each is a restaurant inventory iOS app that allows you to set up multiple items, inventory locations and categories to make it easy to find the item you are counting.

  • Get accurate inventory totals immediately by emailing inventory count totals and/or a Cost of Goods report
  • Scan & weigh liquor bottles for increased accuracy
  • Create prepped food item sizes for increased speed
  • Count on multiple devices & merge together
  • Import your database from a CSV file (see the tutorial for more details on specified format)
  • Change items between Purchased items & Reciped items (price calculated automatically from reciped ingredients)
  • Integrate counts directly to certain POS Systems (please ask if your POS system is supported)

42 cases speeds up the ordering process by giving you your order totals immediately after your counts are completed.

  • Adjust par levels on the go from your ordering sheet
  • View order history for your last 4 completed orders (iPad only)
  • Export your orders and upload to your vendor (Contact me to add additional formats if needed)
  • Complete your orders to save your purchase totals, giving you the ability to get your Cost of Goods Sold percentage and/or variance reports (Usage totals are needed for this function. They can be imported or manually entered)

42 ounces is a digital Prep & Freezer Pull List that will give you recommended pars, based on past usage and current par levels, to help reduce waste.

  • Set up multiple Prep Lists
  • Reduce waste by updating pars immediately from the app
  • Track past usage through the item detail screen
  • Easily track your daily Prep and/or Freezer Pull List progress by tapping items to mark as complete
  • Optionally, email & print Prep & Freezer Pull lists

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