Shop By Store - Shopping Lists
Create some shopping lists or email one to another device!

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Adding items to your shopping list

If you have "Show All Items" turned on you will see all the items you have created, if not you will only see the items on your list.  Either way when you use the search field, all items matching the search criteria will show up.  You can add items to your shopping list by either tapping the item name and adjusting the quantity & item size (if the item has more then one) or you can tap the quick add + / - buttons that will quickly adjust the number to buy (this uses the default item size).  You can also edit any item by tapping the blue i button.

The Action Arrow

If you tap the action arrow in the top right corner, you can
 • Create a new item
 • Email this shopping list
 • Change if you want to Show All Items or Only Items on the List (you can also change the default setting from the iOS device settings > Shop By Store screen)
 • Remove all Purchased Items from your List (once an item has been purchased it will stay on your list, showing a Purchased Quantity, until removed)

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