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Organized Shopping Lists, Meal Plans & Recipes all in one place
Easily add your items needed from your recipes to your shopping lists and have them sorted automatically!

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Organized Shopping Lists

Add items onto your shopping lists and when you go to shop for them they will be sorted into the stores & store areas you set up when you created the items.  This means you will easily see how many items can be purchased at which stores and your shopping list won't be cluttered with items you can't buy at the store you are in.  Instead they will be neatly placed at the bottom of the screen (to ensure you can still see them in case you discover that you can indeed purchase the item at the store you are in).

Add items to your shopping list right from your recipes

Create your recipes, add any description you need to cook it as well as an optional URL if you just want to refer to a website.  Once you have added the ingredients you need to make the item to your recipe, you have the option of adding them directly to your shopping list when viewing the recipe.  Never miss a vital item needed for the recipe you are planning to make again!

Create your Meal Plans

The built in Meal Planner allows you to add recipes to the next upcoming weeks.  Set up what recipes you are going to be making for breakfast, lunch & dinner and easily access those recipes, then add any items you need directly to your shopping list.

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